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Department of Concrete Structures, Building Materials, Technology and Management

The aim of the department is to provide key knowledge in the field of building materials, design of reinforced and prestressed structures, construction technology and the management of construction works. The department members are world-wide certified experts and project supervisors, who are members of numerous national and international professional associations such as: AIIR, SIEAR, SFO, SFT, CIB etc. Some of them carry on different undergraduate and graduate educational programs offered by other departments within the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services.

The department has experts in teaching the following topics:

  • Building Materials
  • Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Durability of Concrete Structures
  • Construction Technology
  • Construction Management
  • Saving Costs and Legislation in Civil Engineering
  • Management of Construction and Building Services Works

The research topics developed within the department are: performant construction materials, experimental and analytical investigations on reinforced and prestressed concrete structural elements, methods and procedures for efficient design and reducing the material consumption in civil engineering, durability of construction materials and structures, high performance concrete (fibre reinforced concrete, polymer concrete, self-compacting concrete, ultra high strength concrete, etc.), research studies on modern technologies for making and pouring of concrete, advances in using prefabricated structural elements, modern procedures for pouring concrete under extreme weather conditions, new methods for thermal curing and protection of concrete.

The research work is further expanded following new topics: efficient use of natural and recycled construction materials, durability of concrete and mortar, high performance concrete, modern technologies for erecting structures, new methods for improving and optimizing the management of construction works, methods and procedures for the management of rehabilitation works, demolition and recycling of the resulting construction materials, development of data bases for a more efficient management of construction works.

Contact e-mail: secretariatbmtm@yahoo.com

Head of Department
conf. univ. dr. ing. Eduard ANTOHIEint. 1481, e-mail: eantohie@yahoo.com
prof. univ. dr. ing. Ion ŞERBĂNOIUint. 1456, e-mail: serbanoiuion@yahoo.com
prof. univ. dr. ing. Mircea RUJANUint. 1476, e-mail: mrujanu@yahoo.com
prof. univ. dr. ing. Marinela BĂRBUŢĂint. 1436, e-mail: barbuta31bmc@yahoo.com
conf. univ. dr. ing. Vladimir COROBCEANUint. 1483, e-mail: vlad_corobceanu@yahoo.com
conf. univ. dr. ing. Petru MIHAIint. 1438, e-mail: petru.mihai@tuiasi.ro, web
şef lucr. dr. ing. Dănuţ-Traian BABORint. 1474, e-mail: danut.babor@tuiasi.ro, web
şef lucr. dr. ing. Livia-Ingrid DIACONUint. 1475, e-mail: liviagroll@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Răzvan GIUŞCĂint. 1434, e-mail: rgiusca@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Radu LUPĂŞTEANUint. 1482, e-mail: radu_lupasteanu@yahoo.co.uk
şef lucr. dr. ing. Ioan CIOCANint. 1460, e-mail: ciocanioan_sv@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Cătălin ONUŢUint. 1430, e-mail: conutu@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Adrian ŞERBĂNOIUint. 1433, e-mail: serbanoiualex@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. chim. Loredana JUDELEint. 1475, e-mail: ljudele@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Ciprian-Ilie COZMANCIUCint. 1402, e-mail: ciprian_cozmanciuc@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Constantin GAVRILOAIAint. 1494, e-mail: costel979@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Alina-Mihaela NICUȚĂint. 1402, e-mail: alinanicuta@yahoo.com
asist. univ. dr. ing. Bogdan ROŞCAint. 1436, e-mail: roscabogdan@yahoo.com
asist. univ. dr. ing. Raluca ONOFREIint. 1494, e-mail: hohan.raluca@yahoo.com
asist. univ. ing. Diana PLIANint. 1475, e-mail: plian.diana@yahoo.com
ing. Bogdan-Iulian BUTNARUint. 1437, e-mail: secretariatbmtm@yahoo.com
Collegiate professors
prof. univ. dr. ing. Liviu GROLLint. 1449
prof. univ. dr. ing. Nicolae FLOREAint. 1485, e-mail: nicuflorea2005@yahoo.com