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Short faculty presentation

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services from Iasi is a high class academic education institution with a long tradition in its field. It is one of the top ranked faculties of its kind in Romania. Its mission is to train and equip the future engineers with the skills and knowledge that will make them the best in the field of civil engineering. The graduates are becoming competitive engineers both at national and international level, thus contributing to the development the well being of their community. It becomes clear that the whole activity of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services is performance oriented in order to increase its competitiveness both at national and international level through research and high quality educational offer.

Given its background and tradition the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services is able to put forward a flexible educational offer in the fields of Civil Engineering and Building Services coupled with state of the art research facilities. The Faculty continuously surveys the demand of labor market and adjusts its curriculum to ensure that its graduates are getting the best education possible and the best skills in accordance with the new trends of knowledge based society.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services trains specialists who can perform at the highest standards when it comes to complex design and construction works in the fields of civil engineering and building services. The graduates have the opportunity to work as civil engineers, to further their education through master and Ph.D. studies, become researchers or part of the academic staff. The obtained skills and knowledge ensure a high level of performance and professionalism for every civil engineer willing to have a successful career in this field.

The educational offer in English language gives the prospective students not only the knowledge but also the communication skills and the ability to fit right in multicultural environments.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services continuously develops relationships with its peers from Europe so that it can offer its students access to scholarships and training programs at renowned partner universities such as University of Applied Sciences of Konstanz Germany, Ruhr University of Bochum, University of Sheffield, City University, University of East London, Universida du Catalunya, University of Patras, Napoli University, Firenze University, Universita degli Studi di Udine, Universite de Reims, Universite d’Artois, Universite d’Orleans to name but a few. This means new opportunities for the students to get in touch with multicultural environments, enrich their life and academic experience but it is also a chance to travel and meet new people.

Studentships and stipends are available for students of merit who show a real interest in the field of civil engineering and are involved in the educational process by getting good results and taking part at national and international scientific contests.

The academic staff is highly trained and has a strong educational background both as civil engineers and as educationalists. They are fully dedicated to transmit their knowledge and are involved in every step of the educational process. The academic staff promotes the human virtues, encourages scientific creation, and is open to new concepts and ideas all of which help the students to become the best not only in civil engineering but also as citizens who contribute to the well being of the community. Being actively involved in the design practice and research projects as well as taking part at numerous national and international scientific conferences, the academic staff is constantly in touch with the modern trends in civil engineering.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services possesses a state of the art teaching and research infrastructure with 24 lecture halls, 33 seminar rooms, 30 testing laboratories, 5 IT and computer simulation laboratories, a shaking table, wind tunnel, a fully fitted library and study hall with the latest books and journals pertaining to different research areas in the field of civil engineering. The IT laboratories can accommodate more than 200 students at a time and are equipped with modern computers that can run state of the art numerical simulation software.

The material and structural testing laboratories are fitted with modern testing equipment able to simulate complex loading conditions. Experimental works enable students to witness the phenomena that occur during the failure process of materials and structural elements and make the connection between the theoretical concepts and the physical world.

Commissioned in 2006, the 16 tones maximum payload shaking table gives the possibility to run experimental works on scaled down or full scale structural models subjected to earthquake loads. This makes the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services one of its kind in Romania in terms of earthquake engineering research.

The civil engineers who want to further their education can enroll in one of the Master Study Programs which are part of the education offer. The curricula of the mater programs are built around the current requirements in the field of civil engineering offering key research skills. The modern laboratories with state of the art testing equipment represent the backbone of research activities conducted during the master studies.

The educational offer can not be complete without the opportunity of pursuing a Ph.D. degree for the prospective candidates who are interested in becoming world class specialists in their filed, with strong research skills.