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Department of Engineering Graphics

The descriptive geometry was first introduced as an engineering topic back in 1814 at “The School of Border Engineers” that was started by Gheorghe Asachi in 1813 in Iaşi. The school is considered to be the origin of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The education reform from 1948 set the framework on which the departments within the university were created. The Department ofEngineering Graphics has been constantly present ever since. The educational offer is centred on the skills the prospective students are to obtain during their undergraduate and master studies: the ability to represent in 2D any given structural element or technical detail, the ability to read and understand engineering blueprints, the ability of projecting a 3D image from simple 2D blueprints, the use of CAD engineering software packages.

The department offers key knowledge in the field of:

  • Descriptive Geometry
  • Engineering Drawing
  • CAD and Engineering Graphics

The members of the department are well known experts in their field and are part of research groups and teaching bodies of all faculties from the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” of Iasi. The academic staffs are also affiliated to numerous scientific committees and engineering societies such as: SORGING (Romanian Society for Engineering Graphics), SIC (Structural Engineering Society), S I R (Society of Romanian Inventors), etc.

The research work developed along the years can be summarized as it follows: applications of CAD software in studying the gearing movement, use of CAD software for the practical design of auditorium halls, the acoustic analysis of lecture halls by means of advanced CAD techniques, strengthening of Civil Engineering Structures, the influence of magnetic and electric fields upon the reliability of bearing in electric motors, engineering graphics for constructions, fluid mechanics, ergonomics of knitting frames, engineering solutions for precast reinforced concrete dams for small water storage artificial lakes, generation of parameterized databases for faster design of bearings, textile mechanical technologies, designing linear electric motors, IT application in teaching engineering graphics, expert systems for setting the fine-fitting limits, clearance intervals and the determination of the limit values of aberrances in CAD applications.

Contact e-mail: gabriel.andone@yahoo.com

Head of department
conf. univ. dr. ing. Liviu PRUNĂint. 2529, e-mail: lpruna@tuiasi.ro
prof. univ. dr. ing. Aneta STĂNILĂint. 2529, e-mail: anetastanila@yahoo.com
prof. univ. dr. ing. Graţiela-Diamantina HÎNCUint. 2529, e-mail: hgratiela@yahoo.com
şef lucr. ing. Maria-Camelia ROMANESCUint. 2529, e-mail: croman@rubio.tuiasi.ro
şef lucr. dr. ing. Alina ANGHELint. 2529, e-mail: a.a.anghel@gmail.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Wanda-Ligia DĂNĂILĂint. 2529, e-mail: wdanaila@gmail.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Costel DATCUint. 2529, e-mail: datcu_costel@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Andrei SLONOVSCHIandreislonovschi@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Ion ANTONESCUint. 2529, e-mail: ianton@tuiasi.ro
şef lucr. dr. ing. Ana-Maria TOMAint. 2529, e-mail: anamtoma@ce.tuiasi.ro
şef lucr. drd. ing. Georgeta CIOBĂNAŞUint. 2529, e-mail: ciobanasu2004@yahoo.com
Collegiate professors
conf. univ. dr. ing. Cristina RACOCEAint. 2529, e-mail: cristina_racocea@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Gheorghe ŞTROBELint. 2529