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Department of Structural Mechanics

The Department of Structural Statics and Strength of Materials was first established in 1943 encompassing all the topics related to structural design and calculus. Nowadays, it is called Department of Structural Mechanics. The aim of the department is to provide key knowledge in the field of structural engineering for both undergraduate and graduate study programs. The prospective students can become skilled in, but not limited to: the use of computers and computer software packages for structural analysis, numerical modelling of civil engineering structures, assessment of the stress and strain state in structural elements, using experimental investigations and numerical simulations to assess the behaviour of structural elements under various loading conditions, identifying the best suited rehabilitation techniques for civil engineering structures in order to ensure the safety of the inhabitants and to avoid/reduce losses in case of natural disasters.

The department has experts in teaching the following topics:

  • Strength of Materials
  • Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity
  • Statics, Stability and Structural Dynamics
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Use of Computers
  • Computer Assisted Design
  • Numerical Methods in Engineering
  • Computer Programming Languages
  • Structural Safety Assessment and Rehabilitation

The academic staff working at the Department ofStructural Mechanics are well known experts in Romania and abroad and are currently lecturing at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services, Faculty of Hydrotechnical Engineering, London City University, a.s.o. The Ph.D. supervisors ensure a higher education and scientific performance of graduate civil engineers and architects. The academics are also members of RCCE – Research Centre in Civil Engineering, being rated as a type B research centre by the Romanian Authority for Research (CNCSIS). Many of the department members are certified experts, project supervisors, and have been selected to become members of national professional associations (AGIR, AICPS, ARIS, SIAC) and even international associations or societies (CIB, FIP, ASCE, RILEM, WCEE, SMIRT).

The research works conducted within the department have focused on: experimental investigations of scaled structural models using photo-elasticity techniques, static and dynamic soil – foundation – structure interaction, development of new or simplified design methods, development of structural analysis computer programs, post-elastic analysis and design of civil engineering structures, analytical and experimental identification of dynamic systems, seismic design of various classes of structures, with or without base isolation, subjected to earthquake loads, experimental investigations on structural elements and scaled models of entire structures subjected to static and dynamic loads.

Contact e-mail: nicoleta@ce.tuiasi.ro

Head of department
şef lucr. dr. ing. Ionuţ-Ovidiu TOMAint. 1455, e-mail: iotoma@ce.tuiasi.ro
prof. univ. dr. ing. Mihai BUDESCUint. 1414, e-mail: mbudescu@tuiasi.ro
prof. univ. dr. ing. Gabriela-Maria ATANASIUint. 1417, e-mail: atanasiu@ce.tuiasi.ro
prof. univ. dr. ing. Doina ŞTEFANint. 1405, e-mail: dstefan@ce.tuiasi.ro
prof. univ. dr. ing. Dan DIACONU-ŞOTROPAint. 1422, e-mail: dan.diaconu-sotropa@tuiasi.ro, web
prof. univ. dr. ing. Fideliu PĂULEŢ-CRĂINICEANUint. 1488, e-mail: fideliu.paulet-crainiceanu@tuiasi.ro, web
conf. univ. dr. ing. Mihai VRABIEint. 1455, e-mail: mihai_vrabie@yahoo.com
conf. univ. dr. ing. Vasile MURĂRAŞUint. 1418, e-mail: v.murarasu@gmail.com
conf. univ. dr. ing. Mihaela IBĂNESCUint. 1418, e-mail: ibmih@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Anca-Mihaela COSTINint. 1405, e-mail: mciupala@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Octavian-Victor ROŞCAint. 1408, e-mail: victor_rosca@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Violeta-Elena CHIŢANint. 1462, e-mail: septigeo@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Septimiu-George LUCAint. 1405, e-mail: chitan_vio@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Cristian PASTIAint. 1462, e-mail: pastiacristian@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Vitalie FLOREAint. 1408, e-mail: vitalief@yahoo.com
şef lucr. dr. ing. Oana-Mihaela BANUint. 1442, e-mail: oana_banu@ce.tuiasi.ro
şef lucr. dr. ing. George ŢĂRANUint. 1455, e-mail: george.taranu@tuiasi.ro, web
şef lucr. dr. ing. Mihaela MOVILĂint. 1444, e-mail: movilamihaela@ce.tuiasi.ro
şef lucr. dr. ing. Ioana OLTEANUint. 1444, e-mail: olteanuioa@yahoo.com
asist. univ. dr. ing. Andrei-Ionuţ ŞTEFANCUint. 1487, e-mail: stefancu@ce.tuiasi.rom
asist. univ. dr. ing. Cerasela-Panseluţa OLARIUint. 1444, e-mail: olariucerasela@yahoo.com
asist. univ. dr. ing. Sergiu-Andrei BĂETUint. 1401, e-mail: sergiubaetu@yahoo.com
asist. univ. dr. ing. Vasile-Mircea VENGHIACint. 1487, e-mail: mircea.venghiac@tuiasi.ro, web
dr. ing. Gabriela COVATARIUint. 1440, e-mail: gabriela.covatariu@tuiasi.ro, web
ing. Maria-Nicoleta PEŞEHONOVint. 1447, e-mail: nicoleta@ce.tuiasi.ro
Collegiate professors
prof. univ. dr. ing. Adrian VULPEint. 1487
prof. univ. dr. ing. Ioan-Petru CIONGRADIint. 1442, e-mail: ciongrad@ce.tuiasi.ro
prof. univ. dr. ing. Dan PRECUPANUint. 1499, e-mail: precupan@ce.tuiasi.ro
prof. univ. dr. ing. Alexandru DUMITRAŞint. 1444
prof. univ. dr. ing. Constantin IONESCUint. 1461, e-mail: cionescu@ce.tuiasi.ro
şef lucr. dr. ing. Felix SCHARFint. 1401
dr. ing. Cezar AANICĂIint. 1401